Top 5 Health and Fitness Tips for Men in their 40s

fitness tips for men in their 40s

Keeping a high fitness level is important at any age. Yet, men face a critical turning point in their lives once they get past their physical peaks.

But even if it can be difficult to get into shape, there are effective ways to craft a healthy lifestyle. This is essentially important for helping anyone get the most out of their 40s.

Instead of drastic overhauls and overly stringent regimens, men who create a realistic yet challenging workout routine will best position themselves to stay fit deep into their lives.

For anyone hoping to increase fitness and health levels, the following tips and guidelines can be a great starting point.

Health and Fitness Tips for Men in their 40s

Find a Good Fit for Your Body 

Not everyone is meant to be a marathon runner or a triathlon participant. By the time we’re in our 40s, many of us have to deal with any number of minor (or major) physical limitations, particularly with joint problems.

While running remains a terrific option for cardio, cycling can often be the better fit for anyone who deals with joint pain or lingering injuries. With less pressure placed on joints, cycling can give you all of the benefits of running without the unnecessary bodily stress.

After all, gutting out a few runs a week is admirable for someone who has joint issues. But being able to comfortably string together four or five cycling sessions a week is much better for your short and long-term health.

Cycling is not the only way to get some cardio without stressing out ailing joints.

For a truly low-impact cardio workout, it’s tough to beat the overall advantages of swimming. Swimmers show an increase in lung capacity while still burning plenty of calories. Consequently, this improves heart performance, weight loss, and other enhancements.

From P90 to Tai Cheng, there are also countless low-impact exercise classes you can join, providing plenty of opportunities to create a personalized routine built to last.

A range of Beachbody streaming classes can even let you find the right fit for both body and lifestyle. You’re able to workout wherever you are, ensuring that you rarely have a good excuse to skip a workout.

Time to Take Your Diet Seriously 

Many of us fly through our teens, 20s and 30s without having to worry too much about a healthy diet. This is especially for anyone who regularly stays active.

But that’s not a trend that remains intact for the long haul. You see, diet plays an increasingly important role in staying healthy as we age.

In fact, one of the biggest changes can be in relation to sodium levels. Older men are more susceptible to retaining water and developing heart disease associated with salt intake.

So, it’s important to find foods that are good substitutions for high-sodium meals. This is a simple and effective way to encourage long-term heart health without having to make any dramatic changes.

Additionally, you want to watch your fat intake. Make sure that you’re consuming more of the good fats – your mono- and polyunsaturated fats – and less of the bad ones – saturated fats!

Yet, many men also turn to supplements to make sure they’re getting all of the daily vitamins they need. Taking supplements to guarantee your body has enough Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc has shown to have benefits like helping to ward off ailments like age-related macular degeneration.

Let’s talk about bone health: there’s a big misconception that osteoporosis is mostly an issue facing women. But it can be just as big of a problem for men who don’t consume enough calcium.

An easy way to give your body a major boost is with the various protein shakes and hydration-enhancement products available through programs like Beachbody. They can easily help your body get into a healthy routine.

Otherwise, getting back to basics and making sure you eat enough vegetables – particularly the dark green variety – is an important step to toward getting the right nutrition.

Lengthen Stretching Routines 

It’s not exactly a secret that we get less and less limber as we get older. However, most don’t bother to make any changes in stretching to take this into consideration.

While experts suggest that those under 40 hold stretches for 30 seconds or so, older men should actually hold stretches up to a full minute. This ensure muscles are appropriately stretched out to perform at their best!

Actually, taking the time to properly stretch limbs can end up having a snowball effect on a workout. You’ll make them easier to get through and more effective in general.

Consistency and Being Realistic 

One of the biggest workout mistakes we often make is being inconsistent in our approach. We don’t make it a priority!  Unfortunately, this is a great way to limit your chances of truly getting into shape.

It’s great to test your endurance occasionally with an epic workout…we’re not stopping you from that! But, you’re much better off focusing on finding regular times and workouts you can easily slip into your everyday life.

Some men in their 40s try to force their way into a 5 a.m. workout regimen that’s not conducive to their existing lifestyle. Others will jump straight into a heavy workout that is not sustainable.

These unrealistic goals often end in defeat; ultimately increasing the likelihood of giving up entirely.

Instead, remaining patient with the process is much more important than attempting to be a workout hero. Successful workout routines are built around gradual and incremental increases in difficulty.

Get the Right Equipment 

Finding the appropriate equipment that will help keep you in shape has multiple advantages.

For starters, good sneakers are invaluable to just about anyone who wants to take health and fitness seriously. The last thing you need is another excuse not to workout, and those old sneakers that give you blisters when you hike or jog are sending the wrong message.

While you definitely don’t need to buy the most expensive and hippest sneakers on the market, having a comfortable pair that you don’t even have to think about is essential if you’re planning on doing most land-based workouts.

Also, many minor joint issues and physical ailments can be helped with simple items like a back, knee or ankle brace. Additionally, it isn’t a bad idea to make some sort of appropriate investment in your equipment, as this type of financial commitment can act as encouragement to stick with a workout routine.

In the grand scheme of things, spending a small amount extra to have the right equipment could turn out to be a very small price to pay if it increases your long-term health and fitness outlook.


Regardless of which tips you bring to your everyday life, it’s important to keep in mind that a positive lifestyle change is what yields the best overall benefits.

At the heart of the process is your personal mindset and ability to project over the longer term, which is why those who see the bigger picture tend to be at a distinct advantage.

But if you’re able to adopt a lifestyle you can honestly see yourself living six months or a year down the road, you’ll be well on your way to staying fit no matter what the aging process throws at you.


Team Beachbody is Open in the United Kingdom!

Team Beachbody is open in the UK.

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Healthy eating is key

While there are all kinds of programs that will tell you all you need to do is eat these very specific foods, Team Beachbody has taken the approach that the only real way to shape up is to make sure you are focusing on healthy eating and regular exercise.

The program doesn’t leave you blowing in the wind trying to figure out one facet of the program. Instead, you will be handed a meal plan that can be tailored to your needs. You’ll even be able to substitute (within reason) so that you are eating what you actually want to eat. Team Beachbody understands that the only way you’re going to stay on a meal plan like this, is if the food is something you aren’t dreading come meal time.

Shakeology is a big part of the meal plans that you will use when you are taking part in the Team Beachbody program. In the UK you’ll be able to choose from Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Chocolate vegan. These are the flavors that will be available at launch but you can expect other flavors to be coming to you in the following period of time. If you want to supercharge your workouts, you’ll also have access to the Team Beachbody proprietary supplements called the Beachbody Performance. You can now get your hands on the energize and the chocolate formulas because we’ve made the UK launch!

Workout from anywhere

Much like the programs in the US and Canada, the core of the Team Beachbody program is that you can workout from wherever you like. If workout DVDs in the privacy of your home is your preferred method of fitness, you’ll certainly be able to do that.

If you’re someone who chooses to stream any of the many, many different workout programs offered on your Apple or Windows PC, you’ll be able to do that as well. If you’re someone who travels a lot or likes to make sure you’re doing your workout at the gym, you’ll be able to do that as well. The Beachbody On Demand All Access program lets you check out videos using all kinds of devices including your tablet or smartphone, Amazon TV, Apple TV and Roku.

These on-demand programs will have the right workout for you because we want to make sure you are comfortable working out. Even more important, you should want to do the next workout in the series. “Want to,” whether talking about wanting to eat the meal in your plan or wanting to make sure you get that day’s workout is the key aspect of making sure the program works for you. Now that we are open for business in the UK, and you want to learn more about the products or how to launch of Team Beachbody business, here is a great place to learn more about me and how my team can help you discover the way forward.

A Lifestyle Change Could Include Superfoods for Seniors

superfoods for seniors


If there was one thing you could do that was guaranteed to benefit your entire body, would you be interested?

What if that same thing also improved your entire life, would you do it?

That one thing is a fitness program. You see, fitness is so much more than looking good – although that doesn’t hurt!

A fitness program is more than becoming a size one or the hulking beach stud, it is a lifestyle change. I know because I’ve been there, done that, and I live that lifestyle every day.

This may mean a complete dietary change, like superfoods for seniors or protein sources for the bodybuilder. In other words, your lifestyle choice will dictate your diet.

Yet, the return on investment when it comes to fitness is difficult to match. There is absolutely nothing that delivers the level of physical benefits that exercise does, nor does anything else have such a positive impact on so many areas of your life.

One more thing to consider about fitness: it doesn’t matter what your sex, age or fitness level is…it will work.

Physical Benefits

The body’s circulatory system, skeletal and muscular structure, and respiratory systems all benefit from a good fitness plan. Get leaner, stronger or just healthier. The power to control how you look, feel and improve your overall health are all afforded through a sound fitness regimen.

Of course, details like intensity and length of your program are determined by your personal goals and needs. With consistency, the physical advantages of exercise are expected.

What’s often less appreciated, however, are the far-reaching benefits that exercise has in the other areas of your life.

Practical Life Benefits

Having more energy, increased focus and improved stamina are just some of the practical gains of a sound exercise program.

Imagine having the drive to finish a long work day strong, having the energy to be as productive as you’d like, or the stamina to play with your grandkids after the day is through.

These are only a few components of your life that will experience positive results from exercise.

Improved fitness will boost your self-esteem, better your relationships and benefit your overall mental and emotional health. All of this can be gained by simply choosing to exercise.

Along with any good fitness program should be a healthy dietary plan and some professional guidance – that conversation is upcoming.

No Excuses

Although the transition from a more sedentary life into an active one may take some time, there really aren’t any excuses to starting. It’s an inexpensive way to enrich your life.

Also, it’s a decision that won’t consume a great deal of time while capitalizing on all of those amazing benefits.

I was that active and healthy youngster…and then I met life.

Sound familiar?

More than two decades later, I woke up and did not recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror. I knew that person but I certainly didn’t recognize him. It’s the result of what years behind a desk and a lifestyle on inactivity had become – any of that ring true?

That was my story.

Then I decided to change the story.

You are Priority One

Everything that matters in your life is dependent on you. If your life feels stagnant, if your energy levels feel tapped, or life just isn’t what you want it to be – make a change.

Feeling better about who you are, becoming a stronger and healthier you, and getting more active will benefit everything you do. The primary reason why your health should be an everyday priority is because you are your number one priority.

Of all the things in life you will invest in, nothing compares to the investment we make in ourselves. From food and clothing to entertainment and amenities the amount of money, time and effort devoted to taking care of ourselves are unparalleled.

Taking care of our investments, and in particular, our most valued and expensive investments, is just good sense. Getting healthy is how we make the investment in ourselves, and it’s one that will yield returns years after our striking good looks have faded.

Nothing happens without you taking the first step. It’s why you should contact us to begin writing your own story – now.

Real Help, Real Experience, and Real Results

The body’s capabilities are staggering and understanding how to unleash those capabilities means you must learn, study, experience and practice.

Remember my story? What I didn’t tell you is that I raised three children – primarily as a single parent. I understand and can relate to what the phrase “time crunch” really means. I have real-life experience that aids me in working with your tight schedule.

You see, I was past my mid-forties when I became invested in my health. I am the evidence of real results, at any age and for anyone.

When it comes to real help, I am a “Diamond” Level, Team Beachbody Coach…helping people is what I do. From real knowledge about superfoods for seniors or the most effective weight loss strategy for a mother of three, help is available.

If you are serious about changing your story and improving your health, outlook, and station in life, then I am serious about helping you.

The Team Beachbody program will introduce you to physical routines that will test you and a dietary program that will change your life. Shakeology is one such supplemental system and, “the latest scientific research has shown them to be highly advantageous to your health and well-being.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg…

There is a world of health and joy that awaits – and I can show you how to get there.