5 Health Tips for an Enjoyable Retirement

health tips for retirement

Retirement is one of those things most people start dreaming about somewhere in their mid to late career.

Whether your ideal retirement looks like a reclining chair on a sunny deck, finally traveling the world, or a cozy corner with all the books you can read, actually enjoying your retirement requires you to get there in relatively good health.

If you don’t want to spend your senior years in and out of the hospital and worrying about when it’s time to move to an assisted living facility, the time is now to prepare for a healthy body while you still have time to make a few changes to your course.

Most people want to be mobile, active, and fairly energetic for at least the first decade or so of retirement. Your health is worth a lot more than just what it can offer you today. The better you take care of yourself now, the less you’ll have to worry when you finally have the free time to start working on your bucket list.

While we all eventually wind down, a healthy body means you can “live it up” in retirement in a way that simply isn’t possible for the sickly and frail.

So, here are five useful health tips for retirement that will help you maintain an enjoyable lifestyle for years to come.

1) Don’t Let Your Muscles Atrophy

First things first, your muscles are how you interact with the world by moving yourself and objects in your environment around.

There’s no independence in old age without muscle mass and, unfortunately, decades at a desk job aren’t exactly great for building up the muscle you’ll need to take care of yourself in retirement.

To ensure both your independence and ability to rearrange your own furniture at will, it’s vital that you build up and maintain a healthy collection of muscles now.

Go for a Full-Body Workout

Because you’re preparing to build up a stockpile of muscles, your best bet is to go for the full-body workout. Walking and running are a great place to start but the gym’s workout equipment is a great resource to help you focus on muscles that are more difficult to work out safely on your own.

Remember that your arms and legs are not the only muscles. The muscles in your back and core have a lot to do with lifting and moving power and a combination of leg and back muscles control your stability.

2) Keep Brushing and Flossing

Some people think about the food they’ll eat in retirement…other’s don’t.

No matter which category you fall into, no doubt you’re still expecting to enjoy a few delicious steaks, hamburgers, cakes and ice cream over your final few decades. Of course, that’s going to be a problem if your teeth start to fail you. Who wants to have dentures before they’re 80, or at all if it can be avoided?

If you want to be able to chew anything you desire, eat sweets, and deal with various food temperatures in your old age, it’s best to kick up the oral hygiene routine right now. Brushing your teeth is something most adults do but not everyone does it on a regular basis. Also, you might be surprised how few people bother to floss.

To keep your teeth in top condition for the next several decades, make sure to brush every day at bedtime and consider brushing during the day as well. As for flossing, if you hate the string, try a water pick or a bag of handy flossers.

3) Build a Balanced Diet

Speaking of what you eat, the other thing that can get in the way of an enjoyable retirement is a bad diet today.

If you wreck your gut by overindulging in pizza, fast food, greasy takeout, and frozen/packet meals, you probably won’t be in good condition to comfortably digest the rich foods most people enjoy after their working life is over.

Every person over the age of 40 must begin to think seriously about their personal health concerns, the needs of their digestive system, and adjust their diet accordingly. If you have to cut the sodium, look into more flavorful spices to make up the deficit. Garlic thins the blood, blueberries are an antioxidant, and salmon has Omega 3 which is great for almost everything.

Whether you need to watch your cholesterol, consume more fiber, or cut the red meat for a while, make sure to take care of your nutrition and intestinal health.

4) Work on Balance and Flexibility

One of the biggest risks for retirees is falling. While osteoporosis is more common in women, everyone is at risk and should be screened for early signs around the age of 60. Until, before, and after that point, you should be working on your balance and flexibility.

Most people lose a certain amount of muscle mass as they age, reducing their ability to stay stable and regain balance if it’s temporarily lost. The more you work on your stabilizing leg, core muscles and the ability to stretch and catch yourself in the event of a stumble, the less likely you are to really hurt yourself.

While it may not seem vital now, starting your balance workouts early and maintaining them is a great way to prevent falls later on.

5) Stretching Your Eyes

Finally, let’s talk about your eyes. The eye is a truly amazing organ with an organic lens that thickens and thins, allowing us to focus on objects that are closer or further away.

As we age, like all voluntary physical reactions, this response slows down. Many people start to form cataracts after the age of 50 – something that can be prevented if caught well in advance –  and most begin to lose range both close-up and far-away.

The best way to take care of your eyes is to get an annual checkup and remember to stretch them out. Spend at least half an hour each day looking at things, alternating between near and far. If you wear glasses, take them off for this exercise.

By keeping your eyes limber, you can slow down the deterioration caused by age.

These Health Tips for Retirement Are Well within Your Grasp

Aging is a challenge but it doesn’t have to spoil your fun. If you’re looking forward to an active and enjoyable retirement, getting there is a matter of taking care of yourself on the journey.

Keep your muscles strong, your teeth clean, your eyes active, and your digestive system in check. As a result, you’ll be able to eat steak and go on adventures well into your retirement years.


Team Beachbody is Open in the United Kingdom!

Team Beachbody is open in the UK.

Team Beachbody has been quite the success in the United States and Canada and now it’s made it’s way to the United Kingdom. The fitness and weight loss program has hit the UK and there are plenty of people who want to be a part of this program, and to hit the ground running.

In the UK, a full 26 percent of the population is listed as obese. While the United States gets quite a bit of attention for its obese population, it’s clear obesity is truly a global epidemic. The good news is that Team Beachbody takes aim at helping people lose the weight and feel better and healthier by taking a multi-faceted approach. The program doesn’t offer a miracle. Users will need to put in the work. If they do put in that work though, they will see tangible results.

Healthy eating is key

While there are all kinds of programs that will tell you all you need to do is eat these very specific foods, Team Beachbody has taken the approach that the only real way to shape up is to make sure you are focusing on healthy eating and regular exercise.

The program doesn’t leave you blowing in the wind trying to figure out one facet of the program. Instead, you will be handed a meal plan that can be tailored to your needs. You’ll even be able to substitute (within reason) so that you are eating what you actually want to eat. Team Beachbody understands that the only way you’re going to stay on a meal plan like this, is if the food is something you aren’t dreading come meal time.

Shakeology is a big part of the meal plans that you will use when you are taking part in the Team Beachbody program. In the UK you’ll be able to choose from Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Chocolate vegan. These are the flavors that will be available at launch but you can expect other flavors to be coming to you in the following period of time. If you want to supercharge your workouts, you’ll also have access to the Team Beachbody proprietary supplements called the Beachbody Performance. You can now get your hands on the energize and the chocolate formulas because we’ve made the UK launch!

Workout from anywhere

Much like the programs in the US and Canada, the core of the Team Beachbody program is that you can workout from wherever you like. If workout DVDs in the privacy of your home is your preferred method of fitness, you’ll certainly be able to do that.

If you’re someone who chooses to stream any of the many, many different workout programs offered on your Apple or Windows PC, you’ll be able to do that as well. If you’re someone who travels a lot or likes to make sure you’re doing your workout at the gym, you’ll be able to do that as well. The Beachbody On Demand All Access program lets you check out videos using all kinds of devices including your tablet or smartphone, Amazon TV, Apple TV and Roku.

These on-demand programs will have the right workout for you because we want to make sure you are comfortable working out. Even more important, you should want to do the next workout in the series. “Want to,” whether talking about wanting to eat the meal in your plan or wanting to make sure you get that day’s workout is the key aspect of making sure the program works for you. Now that we are open for business in the UK, and you want to learn more about the products or how to launch of Team Beachbody business, here is a great place to learn more about me and how my team can help you discover the way forward.

A Lifestyle Change Could Include Superfoods for Seniors

superfoods for seniors


If there was one thing you could do that was guaranteed to benefit your entire body, would you be interested?

What if that same thing also improved your entire life, would you do it?

That one thing is a fitness program. You see, fitness is so much more than looking good – although that doesn’t hurt!

A fitness program is more than becoming a size one or the hulking beach stud, it is a lifestyle change. I know because I’ve been there, done that, and I live that lifestyle every day.

This may mean a complete dietary change, like superfoods for seniors or protein sources for the bodybuilder. In other words, your lifestyle choice will dictate your diet.

Yet, the return on investment when it comes to fitness is difficult to match. There is absolutely nothing that delivers the level of physical benefits that exercise does, nor does anything else have such a positive impact on so many areas of your life.

One more thing to consider about fitness: it doesn’t matter what your sex, age or fitness level is…it will work.

Physical Benefits

The body’s circulatory system, skeletal and muscular structure, and respiratory systems all benefit from a good fitness plan. Get leaner, stronger or just healthier. The power to control how you look, feel and improve your overall health are all afforded through a sound fitness regimen.

Of course, details like intensity and length of your program are determined by your personal goals and needs. With consistency, the physical advantages of exercise are expected.

What’s often less appreciated, however, are the far-reaching benefits that exercise has in the other areas of your life.

Practical Life Benefits

Having more energy, increased focus and improved stamina are just some of the practical gains of a sound exercise program.

Imagine having the drive to finish a long work day strong, having the energy to be as productive as you’d like, or the stamina to play with your grandkids after the day is through.

These are only a few components of your life that will experience positive results from exercise.

Improved fitness will boost your self-esteem, better your relationships and benefit your overall mental and emotional health. All of this can be gained by simply choosing to exercise.

Along with any good fitness program should be a healthy dietary plan and some professional guidance – that conversation is upcoming.

No Excuses

Although the transition from a more sedentary life into an active one may take some time, there really aren’t any excuses to starting. It’s an inexpensive way to enrich your life.

Also, it’s a decision that won’t consume a great deal of time while capitalizing on all of those amazing benefits.

I was that active and healthy youngster…and then I met life.

Sound familiar?

More than two decades later, I woke up and did not recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror. I knew that person but I certainly didn’t recognize him. It’s the result of what years behind a desk and a lifestyle on inactivity had become – any of that ring true?

That was my story.

Then I decided to change the story.

You are Priority One

Everything that matters in your life is dependent on you. If your life feels stagnant, if your energy levels feel tapped, or life just isn’t what you want it to be – make a change.

Feeling better about who you are, becoming a stronger and healthier you, and getting more active will benefit everything you do. The primary reason why your health should be an everyday priority is because you are your number one priority.

Of all the things in life you will invest in, nothing compares to the investment we make in ourselves. From food and clothing to entertainment and amenities the amount of money, time and effort devoted to taking care of ourselves are unparalleled.

Taking care of our investments, and in particular, our most valued and expensive investments, is just good sense. Getting healthy is how we make the investment in ourselves, and it’s one that will yield returns years after our striking good looks have faded.

Nothing happens without you taking the first step. It’s why you should contact us to begin writing your own story – now.

Real Help, Real Experience, and Real Results

The body’s capabilities are staggering and understanding how to unleash those capabilities means you must learn, study, experience and practice.

Remember my story? What I didn’t tell you is that I raised three children – primarily as a single parent. I understand and can relate to what the phrase “time crunch” really means. I have real-life experience that aids me in working with your tight schedule.

You see, I was past my mid-forties when I became invested in my health. I am the evidence of real results, at any age and for anyone.

When it comes to real help, I am a “Diamond” Level, Team Beachbody Coach…helping people is what I do. From real knowledge about superfoods for seniors or the most effective weight loss strategy for a mother of three, help is available.

If you are serious about changing your story and improving your health, outlook, and station in life, then I am serious about helping you.

The Team Beachbody program will introduce you to physical routines that will test you and a dietary program that will change your life. Shakeology is one such supplemental system and, “the latest scientific research has shown them to be highly advantageous to your health and well-being.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg…

There is a world of health and joy that awaits – and I can show you how to get there.